Uruguay Guide: Day Trip to Colonia

Day Trip Guide: Colonia, Uruguay Destinations  »  South America  »  Uruguay Uruguay Guide: Day Trip to Colonia Dates Visited: November 2018 How to get to Colonia SeaCat Buquebus Top 5 things to do See the Colonia Sign Climb the Lighthouse Visit Basílica del Santísimo Sacramento Wander through El Centro Grab a bite to eat Where [...]

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Atacama Salt Flats: Lagunas Escondidas de Baltinache

Salar de Atacama: Lagunas Escondidas de Baltinache Destinations  »  South America  »  Chile Day Trip Guide: Lagunas Escondidas de Baltinache Dates Visited: November 2018 Cost: 18,000 CLP ($27 USD) per person Operator: Tourismo Layana Length: 7 hours (2:00pm - 9:00pm) Day trips of Salar de Atacama, the popular salt flats, is the most popular thing to [...]

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Best Ways to See Patagonia: Budget Guide

The Road to Patagonia Destinations  »  South America  »  Chile Best ways to see Patagonia: Everything you need to know   Dates Visited: November 2018 Here we will go over the best ways to see Patagonia. Everything from trekking/tours, how to protect its beauty, transportation options, where to stay, and budgeting tips. Though we only [...]

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National Park Guide: Day Trip to Torres del Paine

National Park Guide: Torres del Paine Destinations  »  South America  »  Chile Torres del Paine: Day Trip Guide Dates Visited: November 2018 Cost: $30,000 Clp + $21,000 Clp Park Entry Operator: Nikos II Adventure Length: 12 hours | ~1-5 miles hiking (1-8 km) hiking A day trip to Torres del Paine is definitely do-able if you're like [...]

5 Cheap Things to do in Valparaiso: 2 Day Guide

Valparaíso: The Artist Paradise Destinations  »  South America  »  Chile Chile Itinerary: 2 Day Guide to Valparaíso Dates Visited: November 2018 Valparaiso is a small seaside city located about an hour from Santiago. It's known for its graffiti street art and the quirky hipster vibe. Besides the street art, it's actually an important port city [...]

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7 Things to do in Santiago: 3 Day Guide

Santiago, Chile Destinations  »  South America  »  Chile Chile Itinerary: 3 Day Guide to Santiago Dates Visited: November 2018 There are so many things to do in Santiago. It's the capital city of Chile located in the valley of the Andean mountains. Unfortunately due to its high population and location, it has fairly poor air [...]

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Guide to the Best Hikes in Peru

Peru Guide: Finding the Best Hikes Peru Guide: Finding the Best Hiking Destinations  »  South America  »  Peru best hikes in peru can be found in peru. best hikes in peru include machu picchu. best hikes in peru also include huaraz treks. best hikes in peru should also include rainbow mountain. best hikes in peru; the huacachina dunes. best hikes [...]

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