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The cheapest way to travel Peru

How to Travel Peru by Bus

The cheapest way to travel Peru is by bus. There are loads of operators to choose from, especially if you go to the bus terminal. However, this will require you to be pretty confident in your Spanish speaking. In fact, even if you purchase bus tickets ahead, it's best to know at least some Spanish. The two companies we have the most experience with are PeruHop and Cruz del Sur. Both have their pros and cons but the most convenient is PeruHop, however, this comes with added cost.

Important Note: Most bus companies in Peru and Chile will offer a bathroom onboard. However, only #1 is allowed in the toilet. No toilet paper or other waste matter is allowed so plan accordingly!











PeruHop Review

Here is an honest review of our experience with PeruHop. In term of flexibility and logistics, this is the easiest way to travel from Cusco to Lima (or vice versa). They offer a variety of routes based on your time constraints. However, they are a bit more pricey than other bus companies in Peru. Nonetheless, they offer convenience and flexibility that appeals to many backpackers and travelers alike.

In terms of over all comfort, we like Cruz del Sur better. However, PeruHop is a great choice for backpackers who like to keep flexible plans and don't speak much Spanish. In the end, PeruHop might win out on overall cost effectiveness since they include free transport to and from your lodging.


  • Flexible Dates
  • Convenient hostel pickup/drop-off service
  • Some free tours included
  • Bilingual English/Spanish Guides
  • Highest rated bus company by TripAdvisor
  • USB Charging ports


  • Only available between Cusco - Lima, and vice versa
  • Times are not flexible
  • A bit more expensive than other bus companies
  • One bathroom
PeruHop Costs
full south to lima - 720
to lima without canyon - 720
to lima without the lake - 720
get to lima quick - 720
cusco to oasis to lima - 2 - 720

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The cheapest routes offered by PeruHop are from Cusco to Lima. It's a bit more expensive, usually about $10 USD more per route, to go from Lima to Cusco. We ended up doing the Full South pass, however, we paid $179 USD per person since we booked 3 tickets at once. This required a minimum of 7 days but we would recommend doing at least 10 days for this route. The first two nights are spent overnight on the bus between Cusco and Puno

Cruz del Sur Review

cruz del sur from puno to arequipa
Bus ride from Puno to Arequipa





cruz del sur lima to huaraz
Bus ride from Lima to Huaraz


  • Very comfortable seats; semi-cama reclines to 140°
  • USB Charging ports
  • Some have 120/250V outlets for charging computers
  • Meals included during transport
  • Two bathrooms on the bus
  • Available in Peru and Chile


  • Only available between Cusco - Lima, and vice versa
  • Ticket Date/Time not flexible
  • Need to speak Spanish to navigate terminals/borders
  • No transportation to/from lodging
Cruz del Sur Costs

From Puno to Arequipa (8 hours)

One Way Ticket: ~$14 USD/person

Lima to Huaraz (8 hours)

Round Trip Ticket: ~$54 USD/person

Another great bus company is Cruz del Sur. In our opinion, it had more comfortable seats than PeruHop. We took it twice, from Cusco to Puno and from Lima to Huaraz. This bus line was very comfortable and affordable; including 140° reclinable seating, USB charging ports, and onboard entertainment. The only drawback is you will find transportation to/from the bus terminal from your lodging. In addition, you will need to be able to speak some spanish in order to navigate your way through the terminal and onboard the bus.

We actually booked our ticket from Lima to Huaraz much further in advance than our Puno to Arequipa route. Even though each ride was about the same distance time wise, we ended up paying almost half the price from Arequipa to Puno when booking last minute. Perhaps because this route is a lot more travelled than the route from Lima to Huaraz.

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