Eco Friendly Travel Guides: Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Eco Friendly Travel Guides Destinations  »  Travel Guides Eco Friendly Travel Tips Traveling comes at a cost, but we're not always aware of just how expensive it is. I don't mean how much money it costs, but the environmental impact. This is why we think it's so important to educate other travelers about being environmentally [...]

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The Most Ethical Elephant Sanctuaries in Chiang Mai

Chaing Mai Elephant Sanctuaries Destinations  »  Asia  »  Thailand The Most Ethical Elephant Sanctuaries in Chiang Mai Dates Visited: January 2019 Chiang Mai is a mountainous, digital nomad city in Northern Thailand. It’s a lot quieter than Bangkok, slower paced and backpacker friendly. It is known for one of it’s primary tourist attractions - elephant [...]

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Eco Friendly Bali Travel Itinerary: Two Weeks

Bali: Two Week Itinerary Destinations  »  Asia  »  Indonesia Indonesia: Eco Friendly Bali Travel Itinerary best chile itinerary. this is the best chile itinerary. if you want to make the most of chile, check out our guide to create the best chile itinerary for a two week itinerary or a three week itinerary of chile. [...]

Trash Hero Gili Air: Keeping the Island clean

Trash Hero: Gili Air Island Destinations  »  Asia  »  Indonesia Trash Hero Lombok: Gili Air Island Unfortunately, all the pretty instagram shots of Bali don't show the massive amounts of trash everywhere. It's sad that people turn a blind eye to this on social media by masking the problem. Meanwhile some don't give a second [...]

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